Businesses are not only made around a work table but very often they are often seasoned with oil and salt. In Australia, in comparison with our neighbors, it is very common to close agreements in this environment, which offers greater tranquility and confidence. However, a relaxed business meal can be harmful to professional relationships if certain aspects are not taken into account.

Business lunches are a ritual that must be carried out with a clear strategy: do not screw up at any of the key moments. Below you will find the aspects that from we advise you to take into account at your next business meeting.

The Keys to Successfully Overcome a Business Meal

 1. The invitation

If you are the one proposing the meeting, your interlocutor will see in you a gesture of confidence and a willingness to establish a relationship that goes beyond the walls of an office Whether you personally know the other person or not, it is important to Establish a meal schedule that is convenient for both parties. Keep in mind the other person’s habits and do not hesitate to ask him at what time it seems best to eat.

2.  The place and the menu

A business lunch is not the time to discover the coolest place in the city, nor the new macrobiotic restaurant that has been talked about so much. It is recommended that you choose a place close to the workplace of both, where you already know in advance the type of service and food they offer. Choose a quiet place, where you can talk without shouting and allow you to eat quietly without “invite you to get up”, add a point in your favor.

On the other hand, avoid being the first to ask. Let it be the other who asks first. If the other person does not ask for alcohol, avoid asking for it too, but do not make an ugly if on the contrary asks for wine. Avoid asking for dishes that are difficult to handle. In a business lunch, the important thing is to focus on the conversation, not on the plate in front of us.

3.   Behave with correction

It may seem obvious, but, according to protocol experts, the lack of manners is usually observed more intensely at the table. Some of the things you should avoid doing at all costs:

– Answer calls or mobile messages

– Peck the bread before the dishes arrive or nibble directly on the piece

– Put your elbows on the table

– Get up to smoke at any time of the meal

– Lick the cutlery before leaving them on the plate

– Speak in a high tone

– Insist more than once in paying the bill if the other offers to do so. It is more correct to simply say something like: “Next time I’ll take care of myself”

4.     The topics of conversation

You must bear in mind that the objective of a work meal is to agree on some minimum terms that can be discussed later. Therefore, many experts recommend waiting for dessert or coffee to talk about it. If the other person starts talking about business as soon as you start, let him continue. These appointments are the perfect time to discuss labor issues in a colloquial way, but without ever touching issues that may create an uncomfortable situation.

Although it is a business lunch, you can also refer to a personal topic. This makes the client can see on your side more human and close and often helps to establish deeper ties. If you do not know much about your interlocutor, avoid discussing political or religious issues, because you never know what the other person’s reaction may be.