Are you one of the people who take shoe shops nervously? Can not you dress the eyes, touch or sound of your feet or someone else? If your answer to one of these questions is “yes,” you may suffer from foot phobia, known as photophobia.

Foot phobia is one of the rare phobias, as only 1 in 1000 people have it. However, it may affect your life in quite surprising ways that many without this phobia may not have considered.

To give a few examples, this unusual fear can prevent you from going to a pool, exercising in a gym, buying shoes or wearing flip-flops. Foot phobia could be quite harmless, a little annoying and sometimes frustrating. However, it can also lead to life limitations. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate how this affects your life or the other day to day read more on

Rare Phobias: Feet Phobia - Fear of Bare Feet

What is exact foot phobia (or podophobia)?

Fever of phobia like any other phobia is an irrational and unexplained fear. People suffering from podophobia feel very nervous, feared, disturbed or even disgusted by their feet in general. The exact cause of podophobia is not yet fully understood. Symptoms include an overwhelming sense of anxiety, sweating, an accelerated heart rate, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath and a desire to escape when you see or even think of your feet. Some people will experience panic attacks and very uncomfortable feelings when they face the feet. Of course, a person’s symptoms may be different and/or more intense than others. This fear could make some feel uncomfortable or irritated. For others, it may be so intense that it interferes with their normal lives.

Fear may be related to the feet of the person or the other person’s feet. People who suffer from phobia generally do not like the appearance of others or feet because they feel that their feet are thick and fat. This person may also feel uncomfortable when others look at him or touch his feet. He or she will even sleep with socks or shoes and will not even consider buying or wearing open shoes or sandals of any kind. He or she can also hate the smell of the feet, and when you think of the feet, you can imagine fungal infections or a wart, which makes it even worse. Uncomfortable feelings will also occur when talking about feet or problems with the feet. The patient suffering from phobia can avoid watching any kind of TV documentary on the feet or advertising on television you can read more about phobias on ItsPsychology. One of my friends who suffer from foot phobia, to avoid unpleasant emotions introduced a rule in her house. You have to wear shoes at home. If the shoes are very dirty, it allows you to wear stockings or a pair of your own shoes. He will not even let his girlfriend touch his feet or remove his socks.

When should you seek help to cure foot phobia?
Most fears and phobias, including phobia and fear of the feet, are not serious, especially if they do not have a significant impact on your normal daily life. But if your feet of phobia results in avoiding situations that prevent you from working or enjoying life regularly, consider applying for medical attention. No matter how long you’ve suffered, despite the unpleasant limbs of life that you endured because of your fear, your fear of the feet can be overcome.