With the coming holidays, the iPad mini 4 will be a popular gift, maybe even for you. If you have an older iPad, especially if you are older than two, you will be very pleased with the iPad mini 4 update. It’s fast, has a nice screen and is even lighter than its predecessors. It’s also available in gold if it’s your thing.

Spend the extra money in the 64GB version, especially if you think ipad mini 4 case you’ll be taking lots of pictures or videos or playing lots of games. As the owner of a 16GB iPad 2 I reached the storage ceiling very fast, mainly because of the games. With iOS 9, Apple has launched the application department, which will help owners of 16GB iPads install smaller applications, but I wish I could play safely and have more storage space.

The iPad mini 2 is still in the Apple range and has a much lower price. If you are a price conscious buyer, the iPad mini 2 is a good deal.

The iSight camera on the iPad mini 4 is characterized by high detail and beautiful color quality. I think the iPhone 6s Plus generally produces a much better picture quality. Apple equips the iPhone with a better iSight camera than the iPad, http://ipadmini4case.com/  because it’s the camera you always carry with you. But if you need to take photos or videos with the iPad mini 4, you can be sure that it will do an acceptable job.

The FaceTime HD camera (front camera) has only one change: burst mode compatibility. Otherwise it is still a 1.2 megapixel camera that can record 720p HD video.