Best gaming PC and mouse If you buy a pre-installed PC, the updates should be easy, is not it? That’s the philosophy of the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900. Decorated with red lights everywhere, the front of your case is full of textures that will no doubt make your friends jealous best gaming mouse. The Lenovo IdeaCentre not only offers support for a GTX 1080 ready for virtual reality, but also provides SLI support and space for up to 64GB of RAM, happily complemented by a convenient and tool-free design.

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However, you can customize the design to your liking. If you need more cores, you can choose a Core i5 or Core i7 processor instead. 16 GB of RAM? Do it. You can even upgrade to a GTX 1080 if the refresh rate is high. The prices of the updates are appropriate for most things. (Not all storage options provide the best performance, for example, I would not recommend upgrading to the 2TB hard drive).
Going on the prepared road also means significant savings for high-end games. The purchase of a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti currently costs best gaming mouse 2018 between 1200 and 1500 US dollars, about double the EIA. If you want to build a complete system, it will cost you easily over $ 2,000, even if you save on the cooling used and the amount of RAM.