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Zong 4G internet packages 2018


It’s a remarkable journey success, from the fifth and the smallest operator in 2008 to the number one telecom operators given in a nine-year deal, it’s just amazing Zong internet packages that are fast, reliable and widely accessible to your customers
Zong is the country’s leading 4G operator, driven by the ownership, research and investment of China Mobile, the world’s fourth largest telecommunications operator. China Mobile has invested $ 2.5 billion in Zong’s growth. The results of the investment are satisfactory.
G for Zong users were zong internet packages reduced to 8.64 million by the end of last month, compared to the revised 8.674 million at the end of May 2017. But there is an increase in users of Zong 4G, including the number increased by 3,823,877 at the end of May. until the end of June 2017 at 4,041,766.

Zong packages

Zong has more than 4.04 million 4G customers, the highest in the industry, with a 75% share of 4G and the second largest number of 3G and 4G customers in Pakistan. Zong users can also use Facebook without credit by Zong call packages switching to FREE mode, where they can send status, likes, comments, discussions, registrations, friend requests.

Free mode Zong users can also use Facebook without credit by switching to FREE mode, where they can send status, likes, comments, discussions, registrations, friend requests.

To help customers who are looking for Zong 3G packages Guest post, we have organized all ZGG 2G, 3G and 4G packages listed below with subscribers, data limitations and other necessary details and listings.
Facebook Flex is the unique feature that allows ZONG users to stay connected to Facebook without the need to cancel. The Flex feature allows users to switch between DATA mode and Facebook FREE mode.


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Bullish forex indicator hammer candle Pattern


The market is characterized by a downward trend. A small body is observed at the upper end of the trading area. The color of the body is not important.
The lower shade of the candle holder is at least twice as long as the body.There are (almost) shadows no more.
Samples and flexibility requirements.The body of the hammer must be weak. The lower shade should be at least twice as long as the body, Forex candlestick patterns but not shorter than your average candle holder. It is desirable that there is not very small upper shade. The lower body of the hammer must be lower than the two previous black candles.

Harmonic pattern

This pattern occurs at the lower end of a trend or a downward trend during and is considered a hammer because it is hammering down. It is a unique candle model that has a lower shade and a small body very near or at the top of the price range per day.
recognition criteria
Dealer behavior The bullish hammer translates into a downward trend and is sold heavily after market opening. After the end of the recession in the market almost returns back to the top of the day. Obviously, the market side of the sale can not continue. This observation can be reduced to the previous bearish sentiment, short traders with their bearish positions feeling more and more uncomfortable. When the body of the hammer is white, the situation for the bulls seems even better.
Levels / Stop Loss Purchase

The level of loss is defined as the last minimum. When the fall after buying the courses, instead of going up, and two daily lows below the stop-loss level near or nearby candlestick patterns , while no bearish pattern is detected, the stop-loss will be activated.
The acknowledgment level is defined as the upper part of the hammer body. Prices have to confirm your choice at this level.


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Best gaming PC & mouse in 2018 quality


Best gaming PC and mouse If you buy a pre-installed PC, the updates should be easy, is not it? That’s the philosophy of the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900. Decorated with red lights everywhere, the front of your case is full of textures that will no doubt make your friends jealous best gaming mouse. The Lenovo IdeaCentre not only offers support for a GTX 1080 ready for virtual reality, but also provides SLI support and space for up to 64GB of RAM, happily complemented by a convenient and tool-free design.

Top list PC gaming

However, you can customize the design to your liking. If you need more cores, you can choose a Core i5 or Core i7 processor instead. 16 GB of RAM? Do it. You can even upgrade to a GTX 1080 if the refresh rate is high. The prices of the updates are appropriate for most things. (Not all storage options provide the best performance, for example, I would not recommend upgrading to the 2TB hard drive).
Going on the prepared road also means significant savings for high-end games. The purchase of a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti currently costs best gaming mouse 2018 between 1200 and 1500 US dollars, about double the EIA. If you want to build a complete system, it will cost you easily over $ 2,000, even if you save on the cooling used and the amount of RAM.

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Best ipad mini 4 case 2018 reviews & quality


With the coming holidays, the iPad mini 4 will be a popular gift, maybe even for you. If you have an older iPad, especially if you are older than two, you will be very pleased with the iPad mini 4 update. It’s fast, has a nice screen and is even lighter than its predecessors. It’s also available in gold if it’s your thing.

Spend the extra money in the 64GB version, especially if you think ipad mini 4 case you’ll be taking lots of pictures or videos or playing lots of games. As the owner of a 16GB iPad 2 I reached the storage ceiling very fast, mainly because of the games. With iOS 9, Apple has launched the application department, which will help owners of 16GB iPads install smaller applications, but I wish I could play safely and have more storage space.

The iPad mini 2 is still in the Apple range and has a much lower price. If you are a price conscious buyer, the iPad mini 2 is a good deal.

The iSight camera on the iPad mini 4 is characterized by high detail and beautiful color quality. I think the iPhone 6s Plus generally produces a much better picture quality. Apple equips the iPhone with a better iSight camera than the iPad,  because it’s the camera you always carry with you. But if you need to take photos or videos with the iPad mini 4, you can be sure that it will do an acceptable job.

The FaceTime HD camera (front camera) has only one change: burst mode compatibility. Otherwise it is still a 1.2 megapixel camera that can record 720p HD video.

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Best 2018 hostgator coupon code & prmo code for Hosting


Want to find a good HostGator to help you save money on your hosting? But what would happen if you could get a lot more than the actual discount. The best discount coupons from HostGator offer you a lot more, especially for a new business on the internet. The most difficult problem you will encounter when starting your new business on the web is the advertising and marketing element. Without a doubt, it is not easy to send traffic to a website hostgator coupon code 75 off  if you have no experience.

These are just one of the most popular discount coupons and help you save money to buy Hostgator web hosting in February 2018th.
In this particular step is to insert the coupon code that has been copied from this publication and paste it into the image area to get the biggest discount when ordering a web hosting plan.

Top hostgator coupons list 2018

Many customers in India, Europe and the United Kingdom love HostGator. In other cases, I do not do it. So, if you give your hosting useful features, you will never doubt what you have paid.

HostGatr Hosting launched a new flash sale in February 2018 where all new customers receive a fixed 60% discount on new hosting packages and a $ 4.99 US pick domain. This offer only for this month!
This promo code is only valid for new hosting packages, not for hosting renewals.
$ 4.99 in the selected field


If the promo code does not work, take a look at this post: a collection of HostGator promo codes. Many coupons, coupon codes are waiting for you here.

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